Camping at Clarence Wilderness Lodge

If camping by the river and waking to the sounds of birds or rising early to spot a platypus are what you have in mind for your wilderness camping holiday, Clarence River Wilderness Lodge is the place for you.

With only a limited number of campsites available you will definitely see some native wildlife and be able to enjoy your own piece of paradise.

Your camping fees include:

  • Composting toilets & gas-powered hot showers
  • Established campfire site with BBQ plate
  • Restricted number of camp sites to retain the idyllic wilderness experience

Remote Camping

If you’re after an ultimate remote camping experience, Clarence River Wilderness Lodge has a number of extra special secluded camp sites. It is possible to imagine there is no one around for miles. From your special spot in the bush you’ll have your own private access to the river.

It’s a short walk to hot showers, pit toilets and a shelter area or you can bring your own amenities for your camp site.

Group Camping Area

Do you have a club or large family group and want a space that is just yours so that you don’t disturb others?

The Orchard Group camping area can accommodate up to 60 campers on a high bank above the river. This site is booked exclusively for your group use.


Adult camping (main area) per night $16
Adult (remote) camping per night $16
Child (2-16yrs) camping per night $8
Child (2-16yrs) remote camping per night $8

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Camping FAQs

No, it is free range camping in the main camping area. Just pick an available fire ring and camp a safe distance from that.

Yes. Your tow vehicle would need to be a larger size to cope with the steep road.

Maybe. If you have been here before and can describe the area that you would like to camp, we will do our best to reserve this spot.

No. Shade is limited to a few sites. The main camping area is impacted by large flood events and trees get washed away. In summer it is best to bring your own shade.

No unless you have friends staying in the tree huts. Campers can quickly overrun the camp kitchen which is where the tree hut guests cook and hangout. For campers we provide a camp site, fire ring and BBQ plate. You need to bring your own shelter, chairs, kitchen (including washing up gear) and tent.

Generators, Chainsaws, Drones, loud music, idling 4WD’s and whip cracking. Notice the theme (anything that makes a loud annoying noise). As we have 2500 acres of land and if you have a deep desire to make noise, we will direct you to spot where you won’t annoy other guests and you can use these banned main camping area noise makers.

Yes. All music off by 10pm and quiet conversation after that unless you have an exclusive group booking for the whole property, then there are no noise restrictions.

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Bell Tents

Remote Camping

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