Local Attractions

Tooloom Falls

The local Tooloom Creek has some spectacular falls that are located just outside of Urbenville. The falls on the Tooloom Creek are about eight metres high and drop into a broad, deep pool. Traditionally the falls marked the boundary between the Gidabal and Wurlabal clans of the Bunjalung tribe. The word Tooloom is corrupted from the Gidabal word Doolloomi, which means headlice, and it is said that these are found around the deep, potentially dangerous pool beneath the falls. The local indigenous people probably told their children this story to deter them from swimming there. It is also believed spirits live in the pool. Tooloom Falls is one of the most significant sites in Gidibal country and was declared an Aboriginal place in 1977 under the National Parks and Wildlife Act.

Bean Creek Falls

About 20 km from Urbenville on the Clarence Way, to the right is a signposted side road to Bean Creek Falls. One kilometre down this road is a picnic area and a short walk will bring you to the scenic Bean Creek Falls. The falls give a spectacular view with the remnant rainforest creating a magnificent backdrop.

Pretty Gully Flora Reserve

Located on Paddy’s Flat Road, Pretty Gully was named for the striking subtropical rainforest that forms a lush canopy over the spring fed creek. It was named a flora reserve by NSW National Parks and Wildlife in 1985 to protect the rare species of native plants gazetted in the area.

Urbenville Pioneer Cottage

In Urben St, Urbenville, 39 km to the north-east of the lodge by road, you will find the Pioneer Cottage and Historical Museum. This hoop pine building was originally built in 1892 for the Lamb family and it was located at Legume before being relocated to its present site in 1977. The building has now been restored and features a high hipped roof, a bullnose verandah and timber battens. Inside the building there are local historical displays relating to the town and district and the timber industry.

Historic Sites

Close to Paddy’s Flat Bridge lies tank traps left behind by the Australian Defence Force from World War II, when it was feared Australia could potentially be invaded by the Japanese. The tank traps have been used as evidence to suggest the controversial ‘Brisbane Line’ was in fact part of the Australian Government’s defence strategy.

Grave sites are visible just past the tank traps. Very little is known about the deceased but it is believed a bushranger who travelled the area is buried there.

Old gold mining sites and buildings are also dotted along Paddy’s Flat Road.

Food and Wine

There are a number of fantastic places to eat in the local area. The CK Cafe in Tabulam provides cafe style lunches as well as barista coffee, tea and something sweet for a delightful morning or afternoon tea treat. Heading north, the Pit Stop Cafe at Woodenbong is a great place to stop for morning tea or lunch.

If visiting local wineries and sampling local produce is something you enjoy on your holidays, travel up the Great Dividing Range to Tenterfield. Tenterfield is fast becoming one of Australia’s newest wine growing regions, with a number of wineries in the area open for tastings and meals and an annual wine and food festival in November.

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