Generic FAQs

There is no mobile phone reception in our valley. The closest Telstra mobile phone reception is at our second gravel pit 2 km up the road.

No. We encourage guests to have a digital detox at CRWL. We can provide Wi-Fi at the office for any guests that need to keep in touch with work, business or sick relatives.

Check in is 2 pm. Check out is 10 am. This applies to campers as well unless they have opted for the extra of an early check in and late check out. As we have a narrow road cutting around the side of the mountain this helps reduce passing traffic by making the road one way.

Sorry as we are a wildlife refuge, we can’t accept pets.

Yes, but you would need to have your own public liability insurance for horse riding and your own portable electric fence to hold your horse.

Definitely no. Every new fireplace impacts the soil and reduces the area we have available to camp. Move your camp if you don’t like the position of the fire ring, not the fire ring.

Yes, unless there is a total fire ban declared. The cabins have their own outside fireplace that is shared between both cabins. There is a communal fireplace near the camp kitchen for the tree hut guests and each camp site has its own fire ring and BBQ plate.

No, we consider any non-local wood coming onto the property to be a potential bio-hazard. The options for firewood are: Collect for free off the property or buy split wood from the CRWL office.

We have closed our river frontage to fishing to protect the endangered eastern cod that live and breed in this section of river. The options for fishing are cross the river at the rapids camp site and walk 500m into the Cataract NP, from here you can fish anywhere upstream. Or drive on our 2 4WD tracks that take you to some deep waterholes just off our property.

The river is a part of the natural environment and therefore is very variable. During times of low rainfall and drought the river level drops, and swimming holes decrease. On the flip side in periods of consistent high rainfall the river level increases and can become fast flowing, can flood and swimming can become unadvised. Although your wellbeing and safety is of our concern, it is your responsibility when swimming as the river is on crown land. We advise that children should always be supervised on the river.

No, the river is not suitable for motorised watercraft.

All our water for the accommodation and main camping area is sourced from a waterfall behind the cabins. It is not considered potable by our local council because it has not been treated in anyway. As owners we have been drinking this water with no ill effects for the last 40 years. If you are concerned, bring your own treated water.

Yes, but you would need to be a confident driver on gravel roads (30km) and narrow tracks that are steep in places. CRWL is in the middle of the Great Dividing Range.

No, the gradient is too steep for a 2WD towing to gain traction.

Yes, for a fee we can pick you and your gear or tow your camper trailer in and out.

Yes. You can ride your bike down our private road to access the accommodation or camping area. We are not covered with insurance to drive bikes on any of our 4WD tracks. We ask that bike riders be considerate of other guests regarding the noise your bikes make.
Bike noise can be reduced by low revs when arriving or leaving the camping or accommodation areas and by also deferring the need to tune your bike while staying here.

We sell ice and firewood at the office. The closest fuel and groceries are one hours drive away at either Tabulam or Urbenville.

We have a strict cancellation policy because CRWL has a small number of accommodation units and limited campsites that are booked well in advance. If your circumstances change or you don’t like the predicted weather, please don’t ask for a refund, as refusal often offends. You can circumvent our strict cancellation policy by booking at the last minute when you know the weather or booking using a credit card that has travel insurance. If the predicted weather is extreme, we will contact you. If you don’t hear from us then your booking will proceed as normal.


Cabin FAQs

Yes, but not your normal city style unlimited consumption. It won’t run hair dryers, coffee machines, or any other heavy demand appliances. It will run a Cpap machine.

Yes, it is fridge only (no freezer) with a 250 ltr capacity.

Pillows with pillow slips and a fitted bottom sheet. You will need to bring towels, doona or sleeping bag. Alternatively choose the linen option (at an extra cost) when you book to have these supplied.

The large cabin has a standard 4 burner gas stove with grill and oven. The smaller cabin has a 2 burner cook top. There is also shared between both cabins a wood fired BBQ/fireplace.

Yes, all our toilets are composting due to council regulations for a development so close to the river. We have small inside toilet for night use and a large shared outside composting toilet.


Tree Hut FAQs

They have one room (3m x 3m) and a verandah (3m x 2m)

The double huts have a bio ethanol heater. The bunk tree huts have no heating.

Yes, they run off battery power. There are no 240 v AC outlets in the huts.

No, the tree huts are located on the hill for the best views. The carpark is a short walk below the huts. We provide a trolley for luggage.

The double tree huts have an ensuite (compost toilet) close by in a separate building. The bunk huts use the shared campground shower and toilet (composting).

The double tree huts have a kitchenette on the verandah, with a large ice box as a fridge (Ice is available for purchase at the office). The bunk tree huts use the shared camp kitchen for cooking.

No, there is a shared camp fire ring near the camp kitchen that the guests in the tree huts use.

Pillows with pillow slips and a fitted bottom sheet. You will need to bring towels, doona or sleeping bag. Alternatively choose the linen option (at an extra cost) when you book to have these supplied.


Bell Tent FAQs

The guests that normally book the Bell tents are couples or families of four.

The main camping area amenities is used by guests staying in the Bell tents.

The Bell tents are set up close to the camp kitchen, which is the cooking and hang out area.

Pillows with pillow slips and a fitted bottom sheet. You would need to bring towels, doona or sleeping bag or choose the extra linen option when booking.

Yes, there is a fire ring and BBQ plate close to the Bell tents.


Camping FAQs

No, it is free range camping in the main camping area. Just pick an available fire ring and camp a safe distance from that.

Yes. Your tow vehicle would need to be a larger size to cope with the steep road.

Maybe. If you have been here before and can describe the area that you would like to camp, we will do our best to reserve this spot.

No. Shade is limited to a few sites. The main camping area is impacted by large flood events and trees get washed away. In summer it is best to bring your own shade.

No unless you have friends staying in the tree huts. Campers can quickly overrun the camp kitchen which is where the tree hut guests cook and hangout. For campers we provide a camp site, fire ring and BBQ plate. You need to bring your own shelter, chairs, kitchen (including washing up gear) and tent.

Generators, Chainsaws, Drones, loud music, idling 4WD’s and whip cracking. Notice the theme (anything that makes a loud annoying noise). As we have 2500 acres of land and if you have a deep desire to make noise, we will direct you to spot where you won’t annoy other guests and you can use these banned main camping area noise makers.

Yes. All music off by 10pm and quiet conversation after that unless you have an exclusive group booking for the whole property, then there are no noise restrictions.


Remote Camping FAQs

Yes, you can camp right beside your vehicle at these sites.

All sites are close to the river with a path that leads down to the water.

They all vary in size. Have a look at our hipcamp listing for information and photos of the remote camp sites.

No. Once booked the site is yours exclusively.

There is a fire ring at each camp site, with a hot shower, pit toilet and shelter (with inside fireplace) a short walk away.

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